Wilderness Permit Reservation Status

Today, we got the email confirming that our Northern Loop trail itinerary had been… denied. This was not wholly unexpected, but a bit of a bummer. That means our new plan is to try for a walk-on permit later this summer. On the bright side, that means we have more options and flexibility for our trip.

Back in March we applied for a wilderness permit for our Northern Loop trail itinerary. Acquiring a permit would allow us to lock in the dates and have our campsites reserved. According to the wilderness permit page, “About 70 percent of the available wilderness permits can be reserved while the remaining 30 percent are issued on a first-come, first-served basis.” This year it sounds like there were a lot of reservation requests, a record number in fact. The wilderness permit page currently states that:

“The park is no longer accepting reservation requests for the entire 93 mile Wonderland Trail. Between March 15 and April 1 we received a record number of requests. We will not be able to fulfill many of the requests we received in that time-frame, much less those that would arrive afterward.”

Time to research a few other possible trail options. Maybe the Eastern Loop trail…


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