Walking in the rain, a taste

If you would have asked before our hike the adequacy of our rain gear, I would have said probably good enough.

This particular day there was a possibility of rain showers, so we brought our collection of “rain gear” just in case. This consisted of a few ponchos, and a couple of actual rain jackets, and a couple umbrellas for good measure.

When the rain started sprinkling, we were doing fine, but once the shower got going, we began to realize the inadequacy of our gear. The rain jackets and ponchos did great, but they only covered so much, and soon our shorts, pants and shoes became soaked.



Still being a good distance from the car, we had plenty of time to consider our “adequate” gear.  What if it rained for multiple days straight on our backpacking trip? To stay even moderately dry, we would definitely need better rain protection.

Since then we have acquired rain jackets and rain pants for everyone. We have waterproof shoes for some of us, and we’re also looking into additional ways of keeping our feet dry.

Overall, this trip was a good learning experience, and better to learn on a short hike than days removed from civilization!


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