Cooking for 7

Cooking for 7 means a bigger pot, more food, and boiling more water. Originally I liked the idea of alcohol stoves because they are super lightweight and the fuel can be put in lightweight containers, and you can easily measure remaining fuel. I had fun making my own stoves that work pretty nicely!


However, the stoves don’t hold more than a few ounces of fuel before they start “spitting” out the top. We have a 3L pot and need to boil 6 cups of water each night. One of these alcohol stoves just doesn’t hold enough fuel to boil the water we need.

So, we are going with a compact isobutane/propane stove, for a few reasons. The stove is more efficient, the burner flame is adjustable, and we can easily turn the stove on / off without wasting fuel. The only real downside is the weight of the can.


Our test meals have used just over 1oz of fuel each time, so going with an 8oz can will be enough for 4 nights, with some to spare. Coffee in the morning?

The kit so far includes the stove, fuel, a spatula, lighter, foil wind screen, and a pot and pan/lid. Other utensils will be added later.


Everything fits nicely in the pot.





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