Helpful Resources


These Wonderland Trail books were very helpful, especially for us as new backpackers. There may be other good books out there, but these are the two we read. The Wonderland Trail makes up the southern section of the Northern Loop, so some of the trail and campsites are the same. Even more so, there are good tips and helpful information about planning, food choices, cooking, clothing, equipment, training, and more.

Hiking the Wonderland Trail

by Tami Asars
This book contains a section covering the Northern Loop trail.


Plan & Go | Wonderland Trail

by Alison Newberry, Matt Sparapani


There are a number of good sites out there, here are a few:

The official NPS site – basics of the trail
Wilderness Permits – required for backcountry camping
Trail Conditions – need to be monitoring as trip nears…
Wonderland Trail Guides – good overview of the trail, plus extra tips – quick overview of the trail plus pics and info
Search online for more

Fun Videos

Fight for Together – Wonderland Trail with a bunch of kids
Family of 9 on the Wonderland Trail
 – even more kids
We Do Hard Things – Northern Loop with young kids
Search online for more


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